Current Projects

Mental 99

Mind-Bending Instrumental Rock

Mental 99 is a mere duo, but they conjure vast panoramas of sound. Their music can be eerie or funny, abrasive or beautiful, and sometimes all those things at once. This band features Dawn on drums and guitarist Joe Gore (Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Tracy Chapman, DJ Shadow, Oranj Symphonette).

While Joe and Dawn use no prerecorded backing tracks, they employ “live looping” recording passages of music as they perform them, and then improvising new layers over them. They”re like ambitious trapeze artists: Sometimes they fall on their asses, but when they’re good, they’re breathtaking.

Shana Morrison

Versatile and Powerful rockin’ bluesy vocalist

Dawn often plays drums with the talented Shana Morrison. Shana is also currently touring with her father Van Morrison as a back up vocalist, doing many shows in Europe. When Shana is back home in the Bay Area, she puts together her own rockin’ band and has been playing some great venues up and down the West Coast and beyond – come out a catch a great live band!