15 October 2015

New Music

Dang – how I have neglected this blog thing! Anyway, here I am back again – hoping to better in the future. I have been thinking lately about how I drum on demo projects or albums where it is not a technically a “band” and most people that I know might not be aware of... Read More
07 July 2014

4 Non Blondes Reunion Show

Hey and what’s going on? Well, something I thought might never ever happen – a reunion of 4 Non Blondes! Yep – we did get back together for one show in LA this past May and it was quite an adventure. It was really great to see everyone again and to play some music for... Read More
06 July 2014

Chart-Topping Drum Fills

My latest drum project, Chart Topping Drum Fills, is now available at www.onlinedrummer.com. I want to explain a little bit about how this project might be useful here – just in case you might be wondering to yourself…”Hmmm…might this be something I should check out?!?!” Okay, maybe you don’t talk to yourself like that…but sometimes... Read More